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Sound & Vibration 

Did you know ...

... that our ears are much more powerful than our eyes?

... that an embryo can perceive acoustic signals from the 20th week of pregnancy?

... that the last sense which dies is the sense of hearing?

... that our eyes are much easier to deceive than our ears?

NADA BRAHMA - The world is sound 

Nada Brahma means that the world (Brahma) consists of sound (Nada). The term was already used in ancient India to explain the nature of the world. For the Indians and Tibetans, “OM” is the eternal sound, the most sacred mantra of all and the symbol of the primordial vibration of existence. Sounds have an effect on us. From before birth until shortly before death. I offer sound treatments in which you can feel the power of sound and vibrations. 

Planetary singing bowl massage

A sound massage allows you to immerse yourself in soothing relaxation and regeneration. Your body awareness improves and your own center feels more harmonious. Basic trust, creativity and creative power can be promoted and the self-healing powers are acitvated. 

Meditation with singing bowls

Sounds calm us down and have a proven effect on our brain. In the Indian imagination, sounds have a direct effect on the vibration of the chakras. This has a positive effect on our emotional state and our auditory awareness and can open doors to new areas of our consciousness. I offer singing bowl meditations for groups and individuals.

Tuning forks

Our body can be tuned like a musical instrument. When we are well tuned, we feel comfortable, stress-free and in harmony with ourselves. I work with the BioSonics tuning forks from Dr. Beaulieu, who also introduced me to his sound healing work. I use the tuning fork on the body, on bone structures and on acupuncture points to harmonize and calm the nervous system. This allows a balance of body, mind and spirit and can release deeper tensions. 

Your own voice 

Singing and sound - an offer that I will be making twice a month on Wednesday evenings. It is still in preparation. 



Are you interested in your voice? Would you like to experience how your voice supports you in your development? Discover how your unique voice leads you to a totally harmonious life. Then Wooyce is an interesting approach!


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