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Potential Unfolding with Dr. Gerald Hüther

Do you have the impression that there is still something to discover in your life? Something that you have forgotten in your everyday work? A talent that lies dormant within you and wants to be fully liberated?

In potential development coaching according to Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, I learned what is important to me in order to awaken my dormant potential and how important it is to experience real encounters with people on an equal footing. Encounters that enrich rather than instruct. Encounters that empower and bring joy instead of courting with knowledge and expertise.

I am happy to accompany you into your potential that wants to be developed. 

What Gerald Hüther says:

“The potential inherent in us humans has so far only begun to unfold. The reason for this is not the limited developmental capacity of our brains, but our inability to form co-creative communities. Such communities are characterized by the fact that they offer each individual member not only the greatest possible freedom, but also optimal opportunities and stimuli for their individual development, while at the same time ensuring the highest degree of connectedness and security.”

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