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What are rituals actually?

In my understanding, rituals are repetitive actions that provide security and

and structure the daily routine.

In nature there are rhythms that repeat themselves. Day - night, the seasons or sunrise - sunset. These are the transitions that shape us.

Has this given rise to the need for us humans, as part of nature, to give ourselves rhythms in the form of rituals? To support ourselves and give us security? For me, that makes sense.

In pedagogy, rituals are consciously used to add rhythm to lessons and make them more lively.

Many parents have a bedtime routine for their children because it makes the transition into the night easier.


«Nature is full of rhythms and humanity is full of rituals.» André Stern

Book recommendation, written in german: The rhythms and rituals of our children by André Stern

During my training as a ritual singing group leader, I learned about the rituals in connection with ritual songs and chants from Susanna Maeder . This type of singing is about the joy of singing together and not about singing perfectly. It is about calming the mind so that other spaces can open up. 

Such songs have accompanied me for over 23 years and I experience them as strengthening support.

In addition to the ritual songs, I also sing my heart songs, the Dolphin spirit songs , which I created and recorded with the musician Jas Marlin in Hawai'i.

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