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A Warm Welcome

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Nice that you are here!

You are beautiful!

Is your life exciting or tense? Are you interested in your relaxed, free development? Yes?

I invite you to master everyday life with your strength. I inspire and encourage you to discover new paths and live your potential. How do I do that? I accompany you holistically, work with all your senses and include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in my work. I offer you a safe space for your development. 

On my professional path, I have gained experience as a teacher, certified medical masseuse, integrative kinesiologist IKZ, author and potential development coach. With this wealth of experience, I will be happy to accompany you on your journey.



Your development is close to my heart - because every development is like a blossom opening for me.

Using the following methods, I will accompany you in a trauma- and neurosensitively way on your path to development. My tools include careful listening, touch, coaching, voice, play and sound.

Together we open a safe space where there is room for everything that wants to show itself and develop.

Have you already discovered everything on your journey through life? Or is there still something tickling under your belly?

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