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Sources of inspiration

Here you will find touching videos and links to people and organizations that have enriched and helped me on my path. Perhaps they will also serve as a source of inspiration for you on your unique path. 


Tulku Lama Lobsang, Tibetan doctor and monk

Nangten Menlang International










Auntie Irma, ukulele teacher.              Serge Kahili King.                       Harry Uhane Jim

Tulku Lobsang_edited.jpg
Serge Gloria.JPG
marlise-laakea-auntie Irma.jpeg
Harry Uhane.JPG


Free Hugs – the inspiration!

You're Marvellous!

Marlise La'a Kea talks about her story in Kona, Hawai'i

A dolphin-hearty video to sing along 

Warm hugs from Pro Infirmis

The ocean of love

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