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Kinesiology is the study of movement. 

Integrative kinesiology is a recognized method of complementary therapy. It is a combination of conversation and bodywork. Kinesiology combines knowledge of Eastern teachings, such as the Chinese five elements and the energy flow of the meridians, with the latest scientific findings of Western medicine.

According to Chinese medicine, physical and emotional pain of any kind indicates blockages in a person's energy flow. The muscle test is the measuring instrument for blocked and flowing energy and provides information about the areas that require attention. In order to restore the energetic balance, I work with your resources and abilities. I accompany you with integrative kinesiology, i.e. it is important to me that the experiences you have had can be integrated into your life. 
Kinesiology combines knowledge from the fields of chiropractic, nutritional science, acupressure and kinesiology. It is a journey to yourself and opens up undreamt-of possibilities. During the sessions, memories of long past experiences and the corresponding feelings can surface. By recognizing old patterns of behaviour and their triggers in the past, healing can take place. In this process, not only the symptoms are resolved, but also the causes. 

Kinesiology helps with pain of all kinds, anxiety, sleep disorders, hypersensitivity reactions, tension, stress symptoms, learning difficulties, posture and coordination disorders, behavioral problems, etc.

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