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Whales and dolphins

What is your fascination?
Mine is the marine world - I've been drawn to the oceans since I was a small child. Whales and dolphins touch and inspire me. Following my dreams, I have been able to observe and study my favorite creatures in the sea in many places around the world (Canada, Florida, California, Hawai'i, Bahamas, Dominica, Egypt, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Iceland, Norway). This fascination has resulted in stories, poetry and songs. With my travel offers, I provide the opportunity to encounter marine mammals in nature in a mindful way. 


A heart - as big as a small car. A whole person can fit into the heart of a blue whale. This huge heart inspired me to write the deep-soul tale of Atosh. Atosh is a blue whale who reminds us of what is really important in life with his huge love. 

For me, dolphins and whales are marine mammals with a magical aura. Just thinking about them or watching a video touches me deeply.

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