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Workshops & Readings



I have worked for more than 20 years in Switzerland as a teacher in public schools (elementary, special needs schools and private schools) with children and adults. Learning new things is part of my life. From my experiences I have developed my own workshops. I offer these to interested people, associations or companies. Get in touch if one of the following topics appeals to you. I look forward to receiving inquiries and will discuss the details of the workshops with the people responsible. 


Success despite fear and stress

How rhythmic movements liberate and heal

Early childhood reflexes and how they influence our lives

Singing bowls in the classroom

Ritual singing for children and adults

What we can learn from dolphins and whales

Dive in and meet dolphins in freedom

Bodybliss - sensual body training

SOT - developing potential in self-organized teams


Touching stories are like an elixir of life for me. I enjoy listening to them and I also write them myself. My way of writing is intuitive and inspired by encounters with nature and all its beauty. My first book “Dance of the Dolphins - In the Ocean of Love” was written thanks to touching moments with free dolphins. In it, I describe my experiences, show the beauty of dolphins in the wild with photos and tell how my encounters with dolphins helped me to deal with the early loss of my father.
In the second book, I write about my near-death experience on a ship in the Red Sea, the different dimensions I experienced and what helped me to endure and survive my pain. The European version “Saved by Aloha - I almost died in Egypt, when a Hawaiian song saved my life” is beautifully illustrated by Astrid Hagge, in the American edition “I almost died in Egypt, when ALOHA saved my life” you can make your own pictures, as this version was published with text only. It is a touching story that reads like a fairy tale. Atosh - the Deep Sea Shaman is her latest book, published in fall 2022. I call it a deep sea fairy tale because it goes into the deep sea and wants to touch the depths of our souls and hearts. 

I offer readings and storytelling and often accompany them with ukulele, singing bowls and singing.

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