Where Hearts embrace, the world blossoms

The word “HeartHugs” came to me in Hawai’i. I was writing an email and when I finished it, I wrote without thinking – hearthugs – where Hearts embrace, the world blossoms.
The two words say what it is. A heart hugs. It’s a way of hugging, which comes from the heart, without wanting anything. Just like that – what comes from the heart, makes the world blooming. There are physical, soul and universal HeartHugs – all of them touch our core, our essence. They make connections and help us to see, that we are all ONE. We are one in the ocean of love.

When I swim in the open ocean I feel this oneness – very gentle and quiet. The animals in the water, especially the whales and the dolphins, inspire me since I am a child. This inspiration made me very creative.

Do you see the dolphin and the heart in my HeartHugs-Logo?