Paradise, where are you?

Aloha dear reader

I feel blessed and privileged to spend tome time of the year in Hawai’i. My friends back in Europe call it “Paradise”. This made me think of what paradise really means. Is it a place with palm trees? Or sandy beaches? Maybe the sound of the waves? Or the beauty of a sunset? I got my very personal answer while meditating. My swims are my meditations. I breathe consciously and I move my body gracefully through the salty water. Every drop of water touches me softly and I feel caressed by the ocean and its movements. During one of those swim-meditations the following words swam to me:

Where judgement ends, paradise begins.

Wow, I was touched and felt the deep wisdom of these words. This paradise is everywhere. It is in our loving hearts – where the judging mind drops into the heart, into the overflowing love, which connects us all. The only question is: Are we willing to let go of our judging thoughts and drop into our personal paradise – found in our hearts?

Are we willing to explore the Aloha – the loving spirit of the native people of Hawai’i?

I am deeply grateful for the warmth and the beautiful hearts of these people. I truly can say there is still a lot of ALOHA on the islands and maybe it helps us to create more peace and paradise feelings.

I wish you all the love in your heart to be in your paradise. May you be loved, happy and healthy.

With Aloha-Blessings from my heart to yours.

Marlise La’a Kea


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