• So many Mangos ...

  • Recording sounds and my story - in the car and outside with beautiful sunset.

  • BJ and Andre - listening to my story

  • Joy and her cat in Kona-Bookstore

  • Francene Hart loves the book too!

  • And I love her art in the back.

  • With a group of japanese women

  • And the dolphins - ocean friends.

  • having fun with Aka

  • HeartHugs with Auntie Irma

  • Having a Heart time with Yurika

More Magic

Aloha everybody

Again I am very touched by the magic of the moments, which I discover here. The images are sometimes louder than words. Just by watching all beings – the humans, the animals, the plants, the rocks, the lava, the stars, the moon and the sun, I am inspired.

I wish you inspiring moments as well, wherever you are …

With Love and HeartHugs

Marlise La’a Kea

Mahalo – Thank you – Danke
for all presents – für alle Geschenke.

I wish you a day full of presents.

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