In memory of my father

Aloha everybody

Do you know these special days when memories of the past come visit you? Today was a day like that. Memories of my father came to me before and while I was swimming in the clear pacific ocean. He passed away december 15th in the year 2003, a long time ago. I was young when he left earth and back then I felt a huge sadness. Now I am happy that he made it to the other world, to the spirit world – where he is free from all pain and all earthly challenges. While swimming two dolphins were visiting me several times and I felt this was a father dolphin with his daughter. A nice sign for me that I am connected with my father forever. He lives in me – and I honor his present – my life here on earth. Thank you, Dad. With loving HeartHugs from your daughter.

I wish you all loving connections – with people still around you and with people in spirit world.dolphins-15-dez-2016     father and daughter dolphin

Marlise La’a Kea

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