dsc00617                                                ALOHA Human Being

Do you have also these days which feel somehow strange – like you would be in a awkward movie? And then just one thing or situation or person or just one moment changes everything? Yesterday was a day like that for me. I woke up several times in the night having nightmares. In this dream there was a big tsunami wave moving towards me and at the same time the earth was trembling. I was stucked and went through a big primal fear. When I got up and walked in the kitchen to make some tea, I almost stepped in a dead rat. She was bloody and the cat, which had caught her, had a good time. I talked to the cat and told her, that it is great to hunt rats outside and leave them outside. But then I saw the weather and did understand. It was pouring with rain and cold and grey. And this on the sunny side of Hawai’i. Again strange. Even though I did not want to go anywhere I decided to meet my friend to go for a swim with her. I drove through the rain, arrived in one of my favourite places to go for a swim, met my friend and went into the water. The dolphins were there and played with us. They were just showing us everything and I was just floating. They came up, circled around me, jumped in front of me, made love, were playing the leaf game, made some bubbles – just everything. And there it was – the moment which changed everything within seconds. I was DOLPHINDIZZY. I lost my mind and fell in my heart. My brain was blank and my heart full of love. Just amazing this feeling. All the strange things from my nightdream was blown away. All fear gone. I just was in paradise – within my heart. LOVE the only reality! Filled with gratitude. MAHALO!

HeartHugs and BlesSINGs from my heart to yours

Marlise La’a Kea


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