Traveller & Guide

Marlise La’a Kea sees herself as a traveller.

A traveller …

… through life with its daily challenges
… through different countries
… through different cultures
… to mystical places on land and in the water
… through different dimensions and realities


Marlise La’a Keas meaning of traveling is to discover new things, to grow with them and to integrate them in life. It also means for her to meet new people from different cultures and countries and to make friends. She is as versatile and creative woman and loves to share her inspirations and resources with interested human beings. Your next tour guide?

Inner destinations:

Your relaxation, massage & more
Your source
Your heart


Outer destinations:

Hawai’i (on demand)
Dominica, Caribbean (on demand)
Red Sea (on demand)

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An interview on Radio Grischa, Switzerland in Swiss german. Marlise La’a Kea talks about dolphins, Hawai’i and the Bahamas.